Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Me

Love me.
Love me like Adam did
Give me your flesh and your marrow
Love me enough to rip your insides out and build me
To break bones from your body and make me
Love me enough to give yourself to me
To tear yourself apart for me
Love me enough to be beautiful
To slither inside me like a reptile
And snake my insides to open me
Then offer me your skin and your meat
Drip from my chin
Love me enough to forbid me your sin
Then fuck me
Like God
As if you’ll wash away the world for me
Murder for me
Pound flesh into wood for me
Fuck me like Judas
Because you have to
Because the noose isn’t tight enough to stop you
Because my lips are heavier than silver
Fuck me like I gave you permission to
The way Mary wanted to
Like a king behind closed doors
Trust me like Jesus
Like a son molested by his father
A cow led to slaughter
Love me as if you have nothing else to live for
Till I’m swallowed by you
Crushed by the breath of you
Your teeth, like stones crush a whore
Crush me like a burden
Like a bastard child crushes
Crush me
Then split me open
Like Moses
My gut and heart held for you
For you to walk through
Just begin to
Fuck Me
Like Eve
Because you never had a choice.

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