Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Tell The Truth

On my lips sits the light off the tip of a flame
And the darkness that surrounds it
Spoken by eyes that no longer sparkle but clink in their sockets like ice in a glass
Spoken clear like the vodka we drink, dirty like the whiskey I crave and thick like the smoke that surrounds me with the scent of it all
The scent of what we really are, of dirt and the thought that we are better off because of it
Charred wood and burnt bridges
Wishes up in smoke as the heavy ash of yesterday starts to weigh us down
The fire of life that sent us burning into it, has come to a pile of embers waiting
For another chunk of something
Another night of anything
Another reason to burn
Tonight it is you
And her
And the both of you together
It is your visit amidst a book of lies
It is food on a table outside in the dark
Children blowing in the breeze
Bellies full of beer and booze
Tonight is nothing but the truth
And how good it feels to know it

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