Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ain't Nothin But A Poet

We ain’t but shit
We ain’t nothin’ but knuckles and nails
Knocking on windows from the outside
Nothin’ but teeth and tendons tellin’ the truth
Which is a goddam lie
A fuckin smile
Yeah, as people we ain’t shit
But as words
We are somethin’
Somethin’ made of nothin’
But still
Somethin’ better than what we were when we started
Somethin’ better when we put pen to paper
And make ourselves pretty
Or dirty
Or whatever it was we weren’t the moment before
Whatever it is we aren’t
Except when we put ourselves to paper
To the world
So they can see us for what we really are
Which is bullshit
Because our words make us
And that ain’t nothin’ but a grin painted on our face
Or a tear placed beneath our eye
Nothin’ but letters and space
Nothin’ but places we ain’t never been
And ain’t never gonna go
But them words
They sure are nice when they come drippin’ from our lips
And you suck em up like it’s
The love of someone you can’t have
Their breathe on your heart
And you can’t wait to give it back
To give it hard
To give it all you got till you ain’t got nothin’ left
But the truth
So go ahead, take your turn at this shit
Pour out your soul so we
Get you
So we
Feel ya brother
Because we love this shit
These tears you cry for us
We eat it up
Cus we are hungry
And tired of eatin’ at ourselves
And everyone around us
Like Hyenas
Suckin’ the dead till our bellies are full
Of bile and vomit
So eager to kill
For a carcass or too
So eager to protect what’s theirs
Piles of rotten flesh and flies
So go ahead
Draw some blood up here
Let us see you bleed
Cus whatever you got
I got more and whatever I got
Don’t matter
Cus we all bleed baby
We all
Puddle on the floor
And wait to be dissected
We all bleed baby
And that ain’t no fuckin’ lie
It’s just a matter of how much
What color and if it’s really yours
Or just, some guy you saw on the street
Some struggling son of a bitch
You thought you were one night
Drinkin’ throwback beer
Waiting to hear the next big thing
Waiting to become the fathers of a generation
Of a new movement that ain’t got no teeth
No grit
No truth
So go ahead, spill a little
We hear ya brother
We feel ya brother
Cus we ain’t shit
But them words, man
Them words sure are nice


  1. boah - i'm stunned - once again. i LOVE how you write and i think i'm coming back to read it again. so much in there - raw - intense - touching
    ..But them words
    They sure are nice when they come drippin’ from our lips
    And you suck em up like it’s
    The love of someone you can’t have...

    this is just breath-taking.
    crazy poets we are - but we are - and we bleed and we're hungry and we can't stop.

  2. Yay! Reads to me like a poetic battle cry. "We ain’t nothin’ but knuckles and nails" Ain't that the truth. Good stuff. D.C.!

  3. Nothing but the truth! Cuz we ain't nothin' if but a voice for those left to battle on.