Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo Prompt and One Shot (One Stop Poetry): Young Lovers

I missed the deadline for this photoprompt at One Stop Poetry so it now serves a dual purpose as (missed) Photprompt and One Shot Wednesday entry.  Please,  stop by and check this place out.  It is a great place to introduce yourself to many, many great unkown and know artists. 


Young lovers

Rust on the window

Shut from the years

And the constant threat of weather

Of his fists

And whether or not they’ll make it through

Or if she will too

Weather or not

It’s still the same

Still shut

Still shutting

While giddy toes do a dance

On rotten wood

Ready to fall

While lips kiss

There are empty chairs,


Broken places,


Hands on hair

Shadows on lips

She is waiting,

For him to be young again


  1. oh i want to be young again, just for her...time to knock the rust...off...nice one shot and take on the prompt...

  2. a dance
    On rotten wood
    Ready to fall
    While lips kiss

    i absolutely loved these lines..ready to fall..beautiful

  3. I love
    "whether or not" and "weather or not"
    very evocative poem

  4. A little late is better than never! Glad to see your piece for the prompt regardless - a delightful flurry of images. Waiting...always waiting, for a return to youth that will never come. Waiting in memories, remembering those bright moments past. Lovely.

  5. Shadows on lips.. and waiting to be young again.. liked it so much... thanks for sharing...

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