Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waiting For Rockets

He sleeps  on old cushions
And I sip warmed coffee
Waiting for something
Waiting for rockets

He dreams of wild children
Pink toenails and playgrounds
Where there is nothing
But swings kissing suns

Dirty faced kids
Are no longer angry
Throwing stones and sticks
At the gods for answers

No, Swings do kiss suns
And arms of young astronauts
Do let go
If only for the moment

Grazing moons and stars
As they return home
Before we even knew
That they had been gone

It is all too much
For a young boy to know
So he dreams on old cushions
While I wait for rockets

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  1. excellent poem...and it inspired me to work on one of my own about rockets....

  2. I love this! As the mother of a boy (now a man), this sounds like life to me. It's really nicely written and I love the way you brought it around from start to finish. Lovely lovely.

  3. Much different in tone than your previous poems that I've read. This one has a more subdued smoothness. Shows your versatility. Excellent poetry.

  4. i esp. love stanza two - somehow i can identify with the sleeping on old cushions...not much use for rockets in my life at the moment...maybe that's because the water_rises in my eyes when reading stanza two

  5. Waiting for rockets while swings kiss suns. I love the imagery throughout in this. It takes every reader to his/her own childhood and possibly to those of their children. Beautiful. Thank you, Gay

  6. I get a little dizzy now on swings (and the Tilt-A-Whirl.) Pity. I did like the flying part. And the rockets part.

    An absolutely WONDERFUL poem you have gifted us with. Thank you!

    I bet you wrote poems as soon as you could? Like at 5? 6? Born for poetry, I can tell.

  7. i agree that the tone of this one is different than the others i've read, but i loved this one as well. the dreaming, the anticipation, the hope, very nice :)

  8. I like this one a lot. I love the imagery of waiting for rockets. This a very nice, soft almost. I can see it in my mind's eye, perfect and sunny and smelling of grass and sawdust. :)