Tuesday, July 12, 2011

North Valley

It was stepping through walls
Through time
And standing on concrete
Much harder than anticipated
It was stepping into heartbreak
Into the lives of boys
And the place they became men
The moment they didn't
North Valley Chapel
Up just another dirt road
But a road all its own
And to the side
Amongst some tall weed and tree
It sits
A sanctuary without wall
Without window
No stained glass and scripture
No pulpit
No preacher, prophet or penance
A structure without structure
But not without strength
Built by boys
By Josh
And Aaron
Built by hands that never knew them
And hearts to remember them
And we sat, my son and I, as I told him the story
Of how things sometimes happen
That we cannot control
He understood
Boys had died here
That the wood on which we rested
Was cut from that burden
Just as trees had been cut from the valley
And chimney stones pulled from the sky
Burying men that were yet to be
And what became of them was this place
Where one might find god
Or solace
Or peace
Or just a place to put a memory
This Chapel in the North Valley

North Valley Chapel at Little Sioux Scout Ranch.  In 2008, 4 boys were killed and 48 others wounded after a tornado struck the camp--- http://www.ketv.com/news/16579276/detail.html

Submitted for One Shot Wednesday


  1. i remember when that happened...nice write...felt

  2. it was stepping through walls through time...and then i get lost in your wonderful writing dustin - sensitively penned

  3. Oh, this brought tears to my eyes, the naming of the boys made it even more emotional, real. I remember when that happened as well. This was beautifully told. Thank you!

  4. A great tribute to the memories of those boys... I liked the simplicity of this verse... nice in a way of paying homage...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya