Friday, September 27, 2013

O Hare

Four hour layover
Enough time?
I am a panicky traveler
Yet still leave the terminal to smoke
Cameras are not allowed
Security is
And again
And again

A familiar spot we used to favor
Her usual along with mine
A reminder of yesterday
Of 20 years ago
Of before this moment
They will know how much I miss her

I have found what I misplaced before I left
For everything

People’s mouths can be bothersome
So I watch them move
The young mothers and fathers
Maneuvering strollers much too big for this place
The couples in tow of each other
All teeth-less

His is old, she is pretty
When she tilts her head just right
Her cheekbone seems to extend too far 
Daughter perhaps.  Coworkers for sure
Probably fucking

I see sisters
     Mother and daughter
I see a woman I would talk to
Comforting maybe
I see men, but unless they don’t, they all look the same
Like that guy, with the hat and tie
Too much maybe, but still, that guy

A glass breaks in the background,
     Not  a beat
It seems everyone is alone here
Three hour layover
Enough, time
I am a traveler

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