Friday, September 27, 2013

October Clocks

The voices wear thin
Your mouth, saying yes
Says everything

Hard, between the miles between the
Us that was lost between the years
And times
I never knew to miss

I missed them today, and now, then
I missed the moment
I missed
When we began not to

When we said hello and it was October
When it was bitter cold
We kissed
And didn't let go

It was bitter cold then
And I didn't feel a thing
Just everything
I couldn't let go

And we were the same there
Solid, feet in concrete
Into everything
But nothing, then

Time turns tables for sure
And we change hands
Holding the same cards
That we should have let go

It is then now and again
That same cold October
We kiss
And it is everything

There is nothing between us
Just time trapped in clocks
Counting sleeps
Till there are no more

Timing is nothing
And the moon, everything
A concrete kiss
As to not let go

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