Sunday, December 6, 2009

Untitled 1

Watching the days pass by on the TV screen
The faces bleed together, the bodies become one
I sit in the recliner with the same habits as tomorrow
I'd like my cup refilled
The mud slides down my throat and again the mug is empty
Looks as though it will stay
She says nothing while staring at the fool in the chair
Mocking him with outstretched arms and a smile
I slide in for a feel and I am greeted with the warmth of a turned back
I snuff the candle until the next time of need
I sit and redundantly masturbate to pay the bills
It is getting cold
I reach for a blanket and find nothing but bones full of arthritis and cancer
Abandoned in my hospital bed I wonder when this graveyard shift will be over
The light of the moon tells me nothing

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