Tuesday, October 26, 2010


He is a dinosaur

But really, a princess in hiding

From children and their monsters

From kids and their claws

That tear at his smile

As they tear about the playground

Kicking up fistfuls of tears

Beneath their feet

Fistfuls of tiny boulders

With every heavy handed step

Cliffs coming down

In an avalanche of apathy

And angry upbringings

Burying him to his knees

Crushing him with what it means

To be a dinosaur

That had to eat the princess to save his smile


  1. mmm...heavy...i know the killing of a piece of you in order to survive...unfortunately the dinos became extinct so he may have chose wrong

  2. this was brilliant - a great mataphor for having to hide the "weak" character parts to not become a target to bullying...so sad and often so true..another great piece of yours - i become a fan!

  3. Its very nice and enjoyed the metaphor... I liked it so much...

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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  4. weakness revealed can turn fatal. But hiding can be such a pain too...

    sensitive write!

  5. Good work, with a great end-line and some striking images (and great line-breaks).

  6. Thank you all for reading AND for commenting. It is always welcome, the good and the bad.
    Again, thank you for visiting