Sunday, December 12, 2010

It Is Finished/I am Done

Pressed, face first
Into the looking glass
The heavy breath of eyes
Runnin heavy through veins
Just waiting to be pulled up
And out into the open
A man
Keepin a man
From himself
From mirrors of glass
And shadows
And everything else that makes us who we should be
But mostly
Who we are
And always
Who we were
And that is the story
The reflection we avoid
The magnified truth in our pores
Buried deep beneath the dirt
And the grease of our time spent turning
Out words of wisdom to fill the holes
Crevices that might as well be filled with piss
Urine stained pages of product
Churned out for adoration
Paper smoked like cigarettes after a good fuck
We wave time away
With the devil’s idle hands
However our mouths never are
We Speak
We Pause
And we are no different
Except for the sound of applause as we go to sleep at night
The sound that tucks us in when the lamp goes dark
Keeping the monsters away
Keeping them quietly tucked under our mattresses
And bed frames
Keeping them buried deep beneath our apathy
And fine poems
We bury them beneath loud words
And laptops
Beneath the bullshit
Of being unhappy
We bleed form our gut
And spit it from our lips
So our audience can be covered in the gore
Of vaginas and love
And funeral songs for hard times
We spit with all of the intricacies of Hollywood theatrics
Body parts, broken glass and gimmicks
Soundtracks built to move
Built to sell
Pop music poetry
No opus, not art
Just sound and structure
It is not born because it has to be
But birthed out of wedlock
Between artist and audience
Passion and performance
Purpose and pretense
And that is the story
That there is none
And poems that use words like bullshit
Are usually just that
Writing is not doing and not doing
Does not make me better
Or worse
Just louder
So I speak
I pause
And we are done


  1. strong words for strong feelings - the keeping the buried part spoke loud to i pause...

  2. mm...i draw pause as well...good to see you its been a while...

  3. Thanks guys. It has been awhile. Going though a bit of a dry spell....thanks for comin back!