Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To The Girl

To the girl I run into every once in a while
The girl with the hair that travels
Twisting round every bend until
I can only assume you would become lost in it
And I think she sometimes is
To the girl that stands before me sometimes
The girl with the words that travel
Turning round every dark corner
With a hug and a smile
That is holding something back
Or in
To the girl that has something to say
But never says it all
The girl that just gives me the tip of the iceberg
That lurks beneath her skin
Quietly tearing at her hull
As she sinks without the romance of a Hollywood blockbuster
And the hands of a leading man to draw her beautiful
To hold her up as she holds her arms open
To the girl
That is drowning
I see you


  1. Intense imagery.. well done My Friend..
    Life is very tricky indeed!!

  2. sweet poetry,
    love the vivid imagery.