Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinosaurs (revised)

He is a dinosaur,
Made of plush skin and camouflage coat
Soft insides and a roar in his throat
He is a dinosaur
But really, a princess in hiding
From children and their monsters
From kids and their claws, that tear at his smile
As they tear about the playground
Kicking up fistfuls of tears beneath their feet
Fistfuls of tiny boulders,
Fistfuls of tiny boulders that turn to throwing stones of judgement
And fear
Stones that skip across waves of a crowd
Skip across generations
Stones that skip across the hearts of dinosaurs
While we run a muck amongst our caves
And our fires made of God
While we fire pages from canon
Across heartlands
And barbed wire fences
Where scare crows hang sadly into the sunrise
Bound by words worked into fists and pistols
Words worked over into broken skulls
Dropping limp bodies in our living rooms
While we turn eyes blind as we would channels
We see what we see what we want
On the road to the emerald city
Where wizards work magic behind teleprompter curtains
And patriots wave flags that say they are patriots
And we cheer
Because we are also patriots
We are a mob as we walk alone
So we carry clubs, for the beating back
For the breaking of circus mirrors
We carry clubs cut from tiny minds
And even smaller hearts
We carry clubs
For killing
And he knows it
So he is a Dinosaur
That gnashes his teeth as he tears about the playground
And it tears him apart that he had to eat the princess to save his smile


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  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's possible I wouldn't have found your blog without it. That would have been tragic, because this is some great stuff!

    It meets what I never really knew I considered firm criteria: good poetry calls me back to read and reread, and lines echo long after I've wandered to the next poem or page.


    (eek! accidentally deleted this comment a minute ago!)