Friday, September 16, 2011

And We Drive

it is waves I am under
but something heavier than oceans
and the time it takes to cross them
the time it takes to let them go
the time it takes to make mountains
from what is on the other side
that come from nowhere on eastern highways
blacktop towns
and their charm
their white houses
their main streets
and she waves to me
as if to say hello
but something tells me it is goodbye
     her eyes
and so we drive
to anywhere but here
we drive
until we find water
and wonder how far it is
to the other side
till we land
till grains of sand become something else
something other than mountains



  1. nice...the good bye would be rather sad...i like how the sand becomes something other than mountains...esp as i am going from mountain to beach this weekend...timely...smiles.

  2. such a great capture of the melancholy of the road dustin..loved it

  3. I love how fluidly your poem reads! From the ocean, through the mountains to the blacktop towns with little white houses, a woman standing there waving, it could be hello or goodbye as you drive thru..... Awesome, compact, well written poem and I enjoyed this a lot!

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  5. love the metaphor here,

    the ocean wave imagery is simply mind blowing.