Friday, September 16, 2011


my hands don't work the way they used to
and swollen
my mind feels the same
my mind feels
my hands work harder than they used to
for the same
my mind
the same
and for what it is worth
I am not
due to the work
due to my hands
due to time
and its toll
its bridge
of the gap
its wrinkle
that appears to be more
than just a wrinkle
a canyon it seems
and I am no Evil Knievel


  1. kinda good cause being evil kenevil can be a bit painful....

  2. Ha! Very true Brian. A little perspective with my morning coffee.

  3. just coming back from a one week business trip..organized a big conference and work felt a bit like you describe in your just didn't this really speaks to me

  4. glad you are back safe and sound Claudia. Sorry the flow was off for you and thank you for still reading. I have been a bit off on writing and reading for awhile.

  5. This is a great perspective and it is good that you are not an evil Knievel thanks for sharing